February 13, 2001 TnT News

President agrees to appoint the 7 losing candidates

Full text of the letter dated February 14, 2001 from
President Arthur N R Robinson to Prime Minister Basdeo Panday

My dear Prime Minister,

I refer to our previous correspondence with your letter of advice to me dated January 2, 2001, which varied your advice to me contained in your letter dated December 22, 2000.

I have strongly advised and warned against the option that you have exercised. As President of our beloved Republic, I have considered it to be my responsibility to alert the population to the perils of the path on which you are prepared to embark.

I have given careful consideration to all of the views and opinions expressed from many quarters. Mindful of the growing sense of conflict in the nation, which will be further escalated by a prolonged contest between the Attorney General and the Office of the President, my course is clear, though not without reservations. I will now act in accordance with your advice contained in your letter of January 2, 2001 and appoint the persons named therein as Senators.

Aware of the possibility that you may now consider whether to revert to your original advice, I should indicate that, consistent with my decision to make these Senatorial appointments, I will appoint them as ministers if you insist on pursuing this option. Once again, however, I strongly warn and advise against this course for the reasons I have already expressed.

I have come to this decision, Prime Minister, believing strongly that my deep concern for our democracy compels me to advise and warn of these dangers and to do all that I can to discharge my duty as President and as a patriot.

Yours sincerely,
Arthur N R Robinson

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