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Panyard Vibrations 2002

Terry Joseph
February 03, 2002

Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove and Woodbrook Playboyz will on Monday night kick off this yearís edition of Panyard Vibrations, with a full-length concert at Phase IIís Hamilton Street panyard.

On Tuesday night, BP Renegades holds the spotlight at their Upper Charlotte Street home. The concerts, which begin promptly at 8.30 pm and run for two hours each night, will feature the bandsí entire Carnival 2002 repertoire.

Pan music lovers can hear each band perform its Jouvert morning Bomb, Panorama music, Vintage Calypso piece, Pan in the 21st Century and Pan Mas tunes, along with selected songs from their celebrated repertoires.

In order to host an increased number of patrons, Panyard Vibrations 2002 has brought in expensive closed-circuit television technology to service crowds that may not be able to get near the bands.

Thankfully, Scotiabank, Tidco, BP and Pan Trinbago have given this yearís Panyard Vibrations project the opportunity to reach more steelband music fans, by underwriting the cost of two massive screens, television cameras, projection and audio equipment that will bring images and sound to locations outside the panyards.

The screens, measuring five metres square are being supplied by Peter Scoonís Media 21, a firm with an established track record in providing enhanced lighting, sound and closed-circuit television.

Last night, a final round of site meetings were held with Media 21, band managers and arrangers and all systems are in place for tomorrow nightís opening concert. Phase II Pan Groove has also reconfigured the layout of its instruments to allow even more space for visitors.

Outside the panyard, the screen will be mounted on the upper level of Hamilton Street, so those who cannot get within touching distance of the band will not be robbed of the sight and sound of Phase II Pan Groove and Woodbrook Playboyz.

At both the Phase II and Renegades panyards, T-shirts featuring the bandís Panorama designs and of course, food and drink will be on sale.

As usual, Panyard Vibrations concerts will begin punctually.

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