February 21, 2001 By Cindy

Science and the Steelpan

Dear Editor,
For the Steelband fraternity to progress as quickly and as efficiently as an orchestra and an industry, there needs to be some radical change to some aspects of itís present operations.

I am speaking here specifically the need to transport scores of instruments other than the tenor pans over long distances, locally and abroad. All pans outside of tenors should be immediately standardized so that there can be one set of pans that any player could use any part of the world.

It would mean a loss of finance and ego of course, but the decision is in the hands of the people who make up the industry and would want the best for it and themselves.

It would save the yearly cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, being paid to trucking companies, which could go into other areas such as research, marketing, and welfare. There is no doubt there are good reasons why this has not been done as yet, but there are better reasons why it should now be done.

Panmen must put an end to the massive hemorrhaging of funds allocated to the steelband industry, there are more reasons why it could be done, than why it canít be done. Let science play a lead role in the innovations to come

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