February 13, 2001 By Jasper

The sacrifice of Gypsy

The charges laid against Winston " Gypsy " Peters is being seen as a tactical ploy or sacrifice by the UNC in one of a series of moves aimed at remaining in power in light of the highly likely loss of two seats in the election petitions filed by the PNM.

If Mr Peters is convicted before, the loss of those two seats to the PNM in the courts, then a bye election would have to be called, which the UNC could conceivably win and their net loss would only be one, in case they were to subsequently lose the two seats. Bearing in mind that no bye elections are likely to be called in a PNM success.

The configuration of the Parliament would then be UNC 18, PNM 17, NAR 1 and a highly desirable position to be in, if the PNM approaches the President.

It would be imminent disaster for the UNC if the figures are PNM 18, UNC 17, NAR 1, and the PNM approaching the President.

While this scenario may seem possible and logical to both PNM and UNC alike, the underlying presumption would be that the DPP office is somehow a part of partisan politics, and no one could be blamed for thinking in that manner for several reasons.

1. The length of time for so simple a matter to be dealt with and now seemingly doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

2. The apparent tardiness in prosecuting more than 75% of the other alleged " voter padders ".

3. The granting of "silk" to the DPP in the week before the election.

4. The photographs in the media of the DPP and Asst. DPP fraternizing with top UNC officials at a favorite hangout of such officials.

5. A general attitude to be reactive and not proactive in matters that hold keen interest to the citizenry. These facts, assumptions and scenarios when taken together or in part call for extra vigilance by those who see our democracy as sacred and are willing to protect it.

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