January 10, 2001 By K. Edwards

If the President appointed nine defeated PNM Senators

For those people who see nothing wrong with what the Prime Minister is attempting to do by claiming the right, that there is nothing in law to stop him from bringing in his seven defeated candidates as Senators and then Ministers to have jurisdiction over people whom the electorate has chosen. Then what would they think of the President appointing the following nine Independent Senators, Jerry Narace, Marilyn Gordon, Deodath Ojar Maharaj, Ferdi Ferriera, Owen Hinds, Amoy Mohammed, Norma Lewis Phillip, Overand Padmore, Selwyn Cudjoe [dual citizenship holder] as there is nothing in law to stop him from considering them as Independents and with Cudjoe's status using the PM and AG's loud silence on the matter as legal okay and not against the Constitution.

If the President was to act in such a manner it would be very interesting to hear the opinions and objections of the supporters of the Prime Minister's intended action. In politics no right is absolute and must be tempered with goodwill, morality, reason, precedent, context, consensus, respect and any other factor that pays homage to democratic, good governance, the overall peace, stability and welfare of our nation. The days of " no damn dog bark when I speak " and " who doh like it could get to hell out ah here " are long gone and buried. If the Prime Minister ever felt that he had absolute power to do whatever he so pleases, then the events of the last few weeks must have been a political lesson for him.

From a qualified teacher,
Kerri-Lyn Edwards

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