February 5, 2001 By Kurt Garcia

Open Letter to MATT's Dale Enoch

Kurt Garcia: Email sent to Dale Enoch, MAAT, the Express, the Guardian, the Independent and Trinicenter.

Dale it is no wonder why so many people find you offensive and revolting and they 'steups' when your name is called, after listening to you this morning [5th] I believe they have strong reasons for so doing. You should ask the people who made 102 what it is today on a morning poll if you feel this is an isolated view. First as head of the Media Association of this country, you publicly let your hate, personal bias and intolerance, make you lose sight of journalistic objectivity which you so promptly exercise when ever any issue with Mr. Panday or the UNC comes up.

For example, a caller referred to another caller as PNM and they should do something physical with him. Your reply was no violence and not how did you or the caller know the person being referred to was PNM or what importance it was anyway. But in the very next moment, Tony asked an obvious question based on a one sided analysis and you were arguing at the top of your voice why the caller should not be asked if he was a UNC, in a discussion, mind you, to establish clarity on an issue. It made me wondered what Norma Clarke was fired, relieved, terminated for [I guess you cannot tell me you would entertain no discussion on the issue]. But back to your ego getting in the way.

Many callers on popular media in this country have been asking about the absence of Mr. Hotep (Maraval) from the airwaves, a well known voice and opinion generator if ever there was one. When asked your response was, I don't care and utterly dismissive and disrespectful with Tony Lee providing sound effects in the background.

The big question Dale is why did you not treat that request like any other as a journalist. Here we have people making repeated requests for a known commentator who spend thousands of dollars at your station that pays your salary and who you recognize every year publicly for his contributions and your reaction was filled with hate and venomous overtones. Why could you not ask Sharon to inquire about Mr. Hotep as you have been receiving other calls and treat it like any other inquiry? As if you don't know Hotep views are respected by many in this society, more so than yours on any issue, and people call for him, because they genuinely miss his considered opinions with which they disagree at times.

You in particular Dale should get off your high horse and realize that you do not hear people calling for Solomon, Abdullah, Best, Pantin and others yet they are always foisted on your listeners.

You personally have alienated many people from 102 in the morning and they now only switch to the station when the talk show on 730.am is over.

Yes Dale, I too am turned-off by your flawed logic at times, which you escape with because you only speak down to people or after they have hung up. Open debate and discussion on your views, we all know you avoid studiously, and like Jerome Lewis you have quickly become appreciated as a comic.

Imagine people now look to the resident comic in 102 Sprangalang for some type of enlightenment. Tony Lee never pretended, at least publicly, to be what he is not.

Thank You and I know you accept my criticism as you so often criticize others, and by the way I have an agenda [like you] and I am not PNM, you know, your stock in trade rebuttals. Get rid of your hate, could I say " brother". Feel free to discuss my unfavorable opinion of you publicly.

NB I still think you are one of the better readers of newscast in this country, fullstop. My recommendation to you is to extend your limited knowledge base. It is not to late for you to go back to school to seek an education. I might be very well in class with you.

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