February 5, 2001 By Cindy Williams

Khafra Kambon is that you?

Dear Editor.
I always wondered why we could not here from Khafra Kambon and the likes if it is not about the annual Emancipation Day parade. After all there are so many battles that African people are fighting day in and day out, and not a peep or beep from Kambon and Eintou Springer, at least the latter showed up publicly with Sat fighting to join the IRO for invitations to government functions [what else do they do].

But KAMBON really surprised me when I saw in the newspapers he was being paid by UNC financiers Ameer Edoo [airport scandal fame], Steve Fergusson [pitbull killing rasta and other acts fame] and others to placate and convince the protesting communities of Las Cuevas, Rincon, and La Fillette to accept change [for the owners of capital] without pain.

Kambon and Eintou uttered not even one word on voter padding or on the attacks on our democracy. I guess they do not want to jeopardize their funding to parade for Emancipation Day. We know you DO NOTHING to cause rain to fall on the big parade. I wonder if they will invite Sat, Edoo and Fergusson to join the Emancipation Day parade next year.

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