January 12, 2001 By K. GARCIA

Gaining entry to the "House"

ONE of the UNC candidates in the THA election has several previous convictions, the most recent one being for housebreaking and larceny in 1996.

Police have identified the man as Junior Barrington Thomas, who's contesting the Buccoo/Lambeau seat for the UNC.

Police said he has several convictions. more...

From: K Garcia

Gaining entry to the "House" seems to be a big problem for the people who make the Choices for the UNC. If media reports are true then one of it's Tobago male candidates seems to have been caught by more than the attention of the householders in the area. He apparently has also done some more than eye-catching house to house campaigning without facing the polls, but still managing to leave a track record that neither the people or authorities seem willing to forget.

My only hope is that the locks to the "House" can be opened and in no way prevents him from seeking his convictions to serve, and bringing benefits from the "House" to the people.

Imagine the questions of the UNC screening committee to the particular candidate:

Screening Committee: Are you well known in your area?

Candidate: Yes!

Screening Committee: Have you ever done house to house campaigning?

Candidate: Yes!

Screening Committee: Are you familiar with the laws?

Candidate: Yes!

Screening Committee: Do you have a conviction to be in the House?

Candidate: Yes!

Screening Committee: We are not going to get caught this time, so we must ask; Do you have Dual citizenship?

Candidate: No!

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