January 9, 2001 By J. WEBSTER

The PM's Magnificent 7

Dear Editor:
The old lady on television brought much laughter to the nation when she coined the phrase "common entrance parliament" as she sought to explain her view of the attempt by the Prime Minister to bring 7 defeated candidates to the Parliament/Government, by saying "it seems as if you fail you still pass and if you pass it is not different to failing" This is no laughing matter however but an affront and travesty to our democratic system as we know it, Pastor Cuffie idea of it as innovative leadership not withstanding.

The PM is duty bound by all our accepted traditions, conventions, and practices, written or unwritten to treat with and deal fairly with all citizens of the country through their elected representatives, as is the norm and principle of representative democracy and one remembers him accusing all previous Prime Ministers of failing to do such. He was then very vociferous in his attacks about what was then called "alienation and marginalisation" of citizens and the "parasitic oligarchy keeping our country divided".

He must be made to understand that he is the Prime Minister of the entire country and not only of those who supported him but those also who did not support him , as hard as he might find it so to do.

For the Prime Minister to openly state that he would not budge in an attempt to bring 7 defeated candidates into the Parliament/Government because they nearly won their electoral races and would do a better job next time around for his political party, is an open abuse of our system that would only create great distrust and ill will in our country. It is very much perverse and subversive, even though not expressively forbidden, but to the spirit and intent of our Constitution and "first past the post" electoral system.

Think again Mr Prime Minister about the plans for your party's magnificent 7, it is not leading our country to political or social heaven.

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