April 6, 2001 From: Jasper W.
Trinidad and Tobago Today

What the PM does is our business

Dear Editor,

It is important to the people of this country to know where any Prime Minister goes and what he does, for at least one simple reason, which is, we would all have to end up paying for it.

Case in point is the history of how the Miss Universe beauty show happened to leave us short of approximately 100 million dollars for yet unseen benefits to the taxpayer who paid for that promised tourist and investment bonanza. After such massive spending, the reports and realities of Airlines abandoning our Tourism trump card Tobago, calls for serious investigations into the use or misuse of public funds.

The Prime Minister is reported to have said at the time, that he was playing a game of golf with Donald Trump and the idea was then given to him. What happened next with that very expensive, famous or infamous " one night stand " is well documented. When you link this with the fact, that on the very day the Prime Minister was leaving for the best medical treatment that money could afford. Doctors, Nurses, Staff and Patients at one of our medical institutions were begging and pleading for the lives to be saved, of those who cannot afford to pay for private treatment or go for foreign health care, because of shortages of money to purchase much needed Cancer treatment resources at our hospitals.

If my letter sees the light of day I hope the ordinary citizen understands why, what any Prime Minister does, or where he goes is important. We may all have to pay for it.

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