April 4, 2001 - From: Shaka Thomas
Trinidad and Tobago Today

Charity begins at home, Baptists

Dear Sir/Madam Editor,

I would like the opportunity to point out to the group of Baptists who have named their proposed Cathedral and Nursery after a St Barbara, that it is a major blunder.

It does not augur and reflect well to say the least for the leadership of that organization, in light of the historical claims of injustice done to them by others. All those claims of discrimination and marginalization now sounds hollow and seen as mere rhetoric as they are now inflicting upon themselves, the same thing that was done to them by others, and they protested and shouted about so loudly as their moniker " Shouters " would indicate.

Could they not have named the the building after 'Shouter' founder Archbishop Griffith or something that reflects the name 'Shouter' in it, could it not be named after an icon of the struggle that Africans faced in their struggle for a place in the Caribbean sun. The Baptist people should take note that even the 'Roman' Catholics are making loud noises for something local to reflect their conscious beliefs, and rightly so. How come did they choose a 'Saint' that not even the Catholics have on their roll-call anymore.

I have heard that several Baptist leaders resigned over the issue, so it seems that personal integrity matters for some people than other considerations and that is the only redeeming factor in the issue. To people like leader, founder, tireless worker the deceased Archbishop Griffith, the Biblical quotation "I came on to my own and my own received me not", would have a whole new meaning.

Still waiting to see who is and why St Barbara.

Shaka Thomas

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