April 29, 2001 - From: Kurt Garcia
Trinidad and Tobago Today


Dear Sir/Madam Editor,

The present migration of trained people and professionals we see today is similar to that what happened under previous governments. Members of the present government had many things to say then, as was their right to do so, about such developments. As a citizen I would like to express my views on the issue as a solution to the problem as they did then, and which they also invariably laid, at the feet of the then governments, it is called:

  1. Watch TTT and patronize UNC extra friendly media and media personnel, your view of the country would not be contaminated by " dangerous" columnists, insurrectionists, plotters etc and boycott those offending media organizations.

  2. Avoid talking religion and politics if it may lead to opinions against the government being expressed, you are required to listen to members and the activists of those organization once they are UNC. If you are not, then you could expect to be treated differently .

  3. Debate topics and focus on issues highlighted only by the Ministry of Information, Channel 4, South Chamber of Commerce, NBN and the self imposed censorship of some news managers etc.

  4. Get involved in programs that shows the UNC is working, party meetings, state funded 'self-help', beach clean ups, state sponsored forums, tours by Ministers etc.

  5. Shop, eat, be entertained and seek Medical help at UNC approved places where a UNC discount card would make you avoid the high cost of living that non UNC member card holders cannot enjoy unless they belong to other such lucky organizations.

  6. Memorize the opinions of UNC leaders and their high profiled supporters, and repeat constantly as gospel truth in talk shows, conversations, call in programs and anytime you are asked for your opinion.

  7. Media personalities approved by the UNC or those who do so voluntarily are the safest sources of information such as Anil Mahabir, Morgan Job, Kamal Persad or the Maha Sabha lead writers etc. If not trust only what you read in the Rising Sun newspaper of the UNC.

  8. Hypocrisy is the safest policy, ignore every complaint and problem of aggrieved citizens. Keep silent, they are a Ď9 day wonder peopleí, they would soon go away, "we" must not do or say anything to risk embarrassing "we" government.

  9. If you fought against the sins of the PNM, then do not fight against the sins of the UNC, because the PNM, "use to do that to" and you have achieved the ultimate aim of the struggle, in removing "the PNM dem" from power and installing the UNC.

  10. Do not criticize the UNC if you want to remain unscathed or not be branded as "ah PNM" "yuh doh like the govít" "yuh have ah agenda" "yuh is ah racist" "yuh doh like we govít" etc. Your chances become enhanced for survival if you have a UNC party card or you are willing to be used to embarrass "the PNM dem".

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