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Perhaps more than with any other modern technology, the public intuitively feels that genetic engineering of food has the potential for great danger. In public opinion surveys conducted all over the world, a majority of the population have expressed a need for strict controls, labeling, and in many cases a moratorium or a ban. Biotechnology companies have sought to change public opinion through educational programs and have especially targeted schools and news media with exciting but often misleading promises of potential medical and environmental applications of genetic engineering.

Public disquiet has persisted and biotechnology companies have decided to adopt a low news profile on the release of genetically engineered foods. This follows the advice of public relations firms that 'no news is good news' - what the mind doesn't know the heart can't grieve over. So very quietly genetically engineered foods and additives are taking over as ingredients in processed foods. Already 60% of supermarket foods contain genetically engineered ingredients. World wide over 5,000 genetically engineered varieties are being developed to come on the market, but you seldom read about it and almost no foods with genetically engineered ingredients are labeled as such.

Please send us links and updated information on Genetically-Engineered Foods together with the purchasing practices of large Grocery Chains like PriceSmart.

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