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What goes around

21, Jan 2004
To be "developed" has little to do with skyscrapers, multitudes of shopping malls and myriad fast-food chains. It is more about nurturing the capacity to diagnose problems and devise and implement processes and systems that can create the critical mass of "thinkers" and "doers" that will serve in good stead to make the society meet and surmount all challenges.

It is only then that a society can inculcate the confidence in itself to accomplish on its own with its own insights and take full responsibility for its own path forward.

Being "developed" has nothing to do with a culture of dependency nor has it anything to do with the imperative and necessity of seeking validation from anywhere else but ourselves.

Material accomplishments are secondary and incidental, merely the "bells and whistles" and not the spinal centre of what "development" is meant to be.

Our deep malaise lies in our failure to comprehend the science of how things develop and that affects our approach to all that we do. MORE

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