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      Bukka Rennie Archives 2003

Taking down the cowboys!

04, Jan 2003
The concerned brothers on the block are saying: "... if you are the Commissioner of Police, how come there are people out here 'badder' than you...?"

That sounds crude enough but here in lies the logic: the Police Service, Army etc make up the coercive arm of state power, and are the only legitimate organisation authorised to use force or legal violence, so to speak, to maintain law, order and stability.

Then if this is so, how can the head honcho of the Police seem to be cowed by illegitimate cowboys in the street?

How can the Commissioner and even the politicians in Government allow themselves to appear ineffective and as though overwhelmed by the cowboys who seem to taunt the supposed power of the State?

True to say, these cowboys are people who love the limelight, who as they say love to "bling" and be given "a bligh", and in another country, such as Argentina or Chile, they would simply be made to "disappear".

Painful as it may be now, with policemen being murdered and little girls being shot in the head, we have no choice but to look deeper for holistic solutions to the problem of violence and crime. MORE

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